Tilting Disc Check Valve

Brief description:

Design Standard: EN12334

Size: DN200-DN1600

Design Pressure:PN10-PN25

Face to Face:EN558 series14

Material:ductile GJS400-15,GJS500-7,stainless steel

Coating:FBE above 250 microns

Operation:lever+Counter weight+hydraulic damper

Inspection and Test Standard:EN 12266,EN1074






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Product Description

The purpose

This product has double eccentric, rubber to metal sealing system (hydraulic damper device is optional), and can be closed in quick action / slow action two steps. It can be used widely on pump discharge in the piping system. And it is a very important device because it can prevent reverse flow and destructive water hammer when the pump stops normally or accidents come out.

 Tilting disc check valve is one-way valve and non-return valve. It’s also called butterfly check valve, one type of swing check valve. It’s an automatic valve which will open when medium flow forwards and close when medium flow backwards. Its main function is to prevent the reverse flow of the medium, reverse rotation of the pump and powered devices, prevent the water hammer wave generated by the sudden stop of pump failure, and reduce the damage to the pipeline system.

The valve opening is achieved by the media flow and force, and valve closing is depending on the disc dead-weight (if necessary, with external counterweight) and back flow pressure. It’s an automatically operated valve without any extra power unit. The reasonable design of each part will bring reliable and perfect function realization of the valve .


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